Payment Services

Our Programs
We offer a full range of fuel oil payment services to our customers!
We offer a 10-day payment program for our full-service contract customers where you have 10 days to pay your bill.
As a 10-day pay customer your package consists of:
  • Automatic Delivery
    Extended time to make your payment
  • Cash, check, money order, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover
Budget plans eliminate high fuel bills during the winter. Our plan gives you the ability to pay for your deliveries over a 12-month period. Our plan runs from July through June.
We will estimate your payments based on your previous year’s usage and send you a coupon sheet for your convenience in mailing in your payment. In addition, budget customers have their fuel delivered on an automatic delivery basis, eliminating any stress of running low on oil.
Any amount of funds not used will be a credit on your account for next season.
We offer the option for automatic delivery without having to be on a service plan. With automatic delivery, we monitor your oil usage based on several factors and come out to fill your tank when you need oil. You do not need to call in to order or worry about running out of oil. The PPG is a bit higher compared to Pay Now PPG, as we maintain everything on our end and guarantee that you don’t run out. Auto-delivery can be cancelled at any time. See details on cancellation below. Please call the office for more details/to sign up.